CEAT Research Partnerships

The CEAT Center is sponsored by two major sources, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP). The Center’s objectives are unified and leveraged through these partnerships. The research projects for each partner support the goals of the center. Through the partnerships, the Center is able to collaborate on common research goals and complementary outreach programs. The unique partnership also provides greater visibility of the Center’s activities.

The Airport Safety Management Program (ASMP) is one of the focus research areas of the CEAT at the University of Illinois in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In 1999, the FAA's Center of Excellence Office approached the University of Illinois' Center of Excellence (known then as the Center of Excellence for Airport Pavement Research) with a request to provide assistance in addressing wildlife issues at airports. Avoiding collisions between birds and aircraft was the focus of wildlife management and birdstrike hazard warning systems that were in early stages of development at that time. That assistance was provided in the first projects in what is now the ASMP. In 2001, the University of Illinois COE changed its name to the Center of Excellence for Airport Technology (CEAT) to include its broader areas of research topics, such as wildlife management.

Since that initial request for assistance in 1999, CEAT has contributed to the advancement of airport safety research and applications. Major program thrusts have included hazard and risk assessments, development of wildlife hazard management systems based on the geographic information sciences, and most recently, performance assessments of new safety technologies.