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TN2: PCC Mix Design

TN3: Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Airfield Rigid Pavements

TN4: Feasibility of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures for Concrete Runway Pavements

TN5: K-150 Considerations for RW 9-27

TN6: Subgrade Strength/Stiffness Evaluation

TN7: "Working Platform" Requirements for Pavement Construction

TN8: Subgrade Stability Manual (IDOT)

TN9: Freeze Thaw Performance of Coarse Aggregate

TN10: Summary of IDOT & ASTM Specifications for Coarse Aggregate Gradation

TN11: Measurement of Water Content in Fresh Concrete Using the Microwave Method

TN12: Guiding Principles of OMP PCC Mix Design

TM13: Moisture Limitations for Lime Stabilization

TN14: Admixture Stabilization (Lime Treatment of Subgrades)

TN15: Evaluation, Testing and Comparison between Crushed Manufactured Sand and Natural Sand

TN16: Concrete Mix Design Specification Evaluation

TN17: PCC Mix Design Phase 1

TN18: Analysis of the Suitability of Soils at O'Hare to Support Turfgrass Growth

TN19: Progress Report on Laboratory Soil Test Results

TN20: FAA Concrete Materials Specification Evaluation

TN21: An Overview of Ultra-Thin Whitetopping Technology

TN22: Construction and Material Cost Trends

TN23: Effect of Large Maximum Size Coarse Aggregate on Strength, Fracture and Shrinkage Properties of Concrete

TN24: Fracture Mechanics Analysis for Saw Cutting Requirements of Concrete Pavements

TN25: Value Engineering for OMP Pavement Design

TN26: Evaluation of Potential Frost Problems in Pavement Components for O'Hare Runway 9L-27R

TN27: Alkali Silica Reaction to Concrete

TN28: Performance of Grooved Bituminous Runway Pavement

TN29: Alkali Silica Reactivity of Selected Sands

TN30: Assessment of Selected Mineral Admixtures for Mitigating Alkali Silica Expansion

TN31: Alkali Silica Reaction of Candidate Aggregates for Concrete at O'Hare International Airport

TN32: Moisture and Temperature Curling Stresses in Airfield Concrete Pavements

TN33: Fracture Behavior of Functionally Graded Concrete Materials (FGCM) for Rigid Pavements

TN34: Fracture and Drying Shrinkage Properties of Concrete Containing Recyled Concrete Aggregate

TN35: Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

TN36: pH of Potassium Acetate Deicing Solution

TN37: Investigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Asphalt Mixtures Exposed to Potassium Acetate Deicing Solution

TN38: Compaction of Unsuitable Materials in SW Quadrant of ORD

TN39: The Use of Crushed Portland Cement Concrete as an Aggregate in Hot Mix Asphalt

TN40: Pavement Sensor Data on South Airfield at ORD

TN41: HWD Testing Results for Runway 9L-27R at ORD

TN42: O'Hare Modernization Program (Completion Phase) Earthwork Management Plan