Brown Bag Seminars


March 20 - Art Schmidt - Modeling Capacity of Upper Des Plaines Interceptor System to Accept O’Hare Flows

February 20 - John Popovics - Using Contactless Ultrasonic Measurements to Evaluate Pavement Materials


May 23 - Bo Zou - Airport Pavement Management Systems: A Comprehensive Review of the State of the Practice and the State of the Art

April 18 - Bill Buttlar and Adam Beach - Characterization and Performance Grading of Recycled Asphalt Shingle Binder Blends

January 31 - Jeff Roesler - CLSM Mixture Design


January 31 – Jeff Roesler - CLSM Mixture Design

November 1 – Wen-Tso Liu - Deicing Fluid Runoff [pdf of Powerpoint Presentation]

October 11 – Bill Buttlar - Warm Mix Asphalt [pdf of Powerpoint Presentation]

September 21 – David Lange and Daniel Castaneda - Repair Materials & Methods at O’Hare Airport [pdf of Powerpoint Presentation]

August 22 - Art Schmidt - Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling of the Tunnel
and Reservoir Plan (TARP) System [pdf of Powerpoint Presentation]

August 8 - Timothy Stark and L. "Lon" Hoover - Geothermal Applications at O'Hare Airport [pdf of Powerpoint Presentation]


December - Jeff Roesler - Controlled Low Strength Materials [pdf]

September - Wen-Tso Liu and Charles Werth - Controlled Low Strength Materials The Feasibility of On-Site Treatments for Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADAF) Runoff at O’Hare International Airport [pdf]

August - Jeff Roesler - Infrastructure Applications for Recycled Concrete Aggregate Fines [pdf]

July - Bill Buttlar - Warm-mix Asphalt: Testing Update [pdf]

June - Timothy Stark - Use of Geosynthetics in Airport Applications” [pdf]

January - Jeff Roesler - Concrete Recycling Laboratory Results and Two-Layered Rigid Pavements [pdf]


December - David Lange - Paint Removal Techniques [pdf]

September - Bill Buttlar - Warm Mix Asphalt and New Thoughts on Tack Coats [pdf]

June - Bruce Branham - Turf Establishment Basics - Not as easy as it seems [pdf]

May - David Lange - Round Table Discussion of Paint Removal Techniques [pdf]

March - Bill Buttlar - Warm Mix Asphalt [pdf]

February - Erol Tutumluer - Use of Geosynthetics in Transportation Applications [pdf]


December - David A. Lange - Testing Recylcled Concrete Pavement at O'Hare International Airport [pdf]

October - Bruce Branham - Grass at Airports - Not Just Any Old Species Will Do [pdf]

July - David A. Lange - Environmentally-friendly Recycled Aggregate Concrete for the O'Hare International Airport [pdf]

May - James H. Long - Tieback Supported Excavations and Deep Foundations [pdf]


August -Theresa Kissane - Deterrence of Wildlife at O'Hare [pdf]

May - Ed Herricks - Wildlife Management at Airports [pdf]


December - David Lange and Yi-Shi Liu - Field Testing of Concrete Slabs at O'Hare [pdf]
October - Imad Al-Qadi - Reflective Cracking: Initiation, Propagation, and Controlling Techniques [pdf]
September - Jeff Brawn - The Ecology of Birds in the Chicago Region: Where we want them and where we dont [pdf]
July - John Popovics - Sensing Systems for Concrete Pavements and Structures [ppt]
June - David Lange - Do Concrete Materials Specifications Address Real Performance? [ppt]
May - Tom Van Dam (Michigan Tech University) - Concrete Durability: Specific Concerns for Airport Pavements [pdf]
April - Leslie Struble - Self Consolidating Concrete [pdf]
March - Bill Buttlar - Reflective Crack Relief Interlayers [pdf]


December - Bruce Branham Species, Endophytes, and Wildlife - A Primer on Turf Management for Airports [pdf]
October - Diego Klabjan - Emerging Technologies and Economic Studies [pdf]
September - David Brill - Using the FAA's COMFAA Program to Evaluate Pavement Strength - PCN
August - Jeff Roesler - Recycled Concrete Aggregate Concrete for Rigid Pavements at O’Hare [pdf]
August - Jeff Roesler - Saw-Cut Depth and Timing Model for Rigid Airfield Pavements [pdf]
June - Erol Tutumluer - Imaging Based Size, Gradation & Shape Characterizations of Aggregate Particles [pdf]
May - Leslie Struble - Potassium Acetate and ASR
April - Sam Carpenter - Fatigue Characteristics for Airport Pavements
March - Ed Herricks - Airport Wildlife Safety Management
February - Imad Al-Qadi - NDT for Airport Pavements: Advances in Ground Penetrating Radar Technology [pdf]


November - Prasad Rangaraju - Potential for Development of Alkali-Silica Reaction in the Presence of Airfield Deicing Chemicals
November - Jeff Roesler - Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) for Airfields [pdf]
October - Leslie Struble - Durability of Concrete [pdf]
September - John Popovics - New Technologies for NDT of Concrete Pavement Structures [ppt]
August - Nadarajah Narendran - LED Technology [pdf]
June - Erol Tutumluer - Stress Rotations Due to Moving Wheel Loads and Their Effects on Pavement Materials Characterization [pdf]
May - Jeff Roesler - Coarse Aggregate Selection for Improved Rigid Pavement Joint and Cracking Performance [ppt]
April - Marshall Thompson - Subgrade Stability and Lime Treatment Applications at OMP [ppt]
March - David Lange - In Search of Crack-Free Concrete: Current Research on Volume Stability and Microstructure [ppt]