CEAT Graduate students win FAA research award

FAA Graduate Research Award Program on Public-Sector Aviation Issues


Awarded August 2010 - May 2011

CEAT PhD graduate students, Jinfeng Wang and Francisco Evangelista Jr., received research awards from the Graduate Research Award Program on Public-Sector Aviation Issues. This award program is sponsored by the U.S. DOT Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and administered by the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). It is designed to encourage applied research on airport and related aviation system issues and to foster the next generation of aviation community leaders. The award is being presented for successful completion during the upcoming academic year of a research paper on the topic which has been proposed.

Jinfeng Wang

Jinfeng Wang is working with Professor Edwin Herricks, who is the CEAT PI and lead for the CEAT FAA Airport Wildlife Safety Program. Her research focuses on the development of bird strike threat assessment approaches to investigate and predict bird strike threats at airports. The research will take advantage of information from new sensor technologies (e.g. radar) and opportunities for spatial integration in modern GIS systems. An essential element of the research is to assess bird movement dynamics that requires predictions of the abundance and behavior of hazardous bird species. The planned products will be the development of a general threat assessment model for airports, which identifies critical parameters for target classification, movement modeling, operational analysis, and common modifiers of the threat environment. The initial audience for this assessment will be airport personnel responsible for safety management systems. Her work has contributed to the FAA research efforts of airport wildlife hazard management, which is an essential part in the FAA wildlife safety program, by bringing a unique perspective to address safety issues at airports where the recognition of human-wildlife conflicts require new approaches to deal with problems such as bird strikes.

Francisco Evangelista Jr.

The title of the proposed research of Francisco Evangelista Junior is "Prediction of Potential Cracking Failure Modes in Airfield Rigid Pavements Due to New Generation Aircraft and Environmental Loadings". The research objectives to investigate cracking potential in concrete slabs when the pavement is loaded by the entire main landing gear of several new aircraft: A-380, B-787, and B-777. Two and three dimensional computational simulations will be conducted to predict the magnitude of stress amplification due to the presence of microcracks, the probable direction of propagation, and critical load positions. The outcome of the simulations will provide quantitative information on crack initiation and propagation induced by the aircraft under realistic environmental conditions. This will enable managers and designers of airport infrastructure systems to develop pavement geometry, material, and construction solutions to accommodate the higher stresses states on the concrete surface. Evangelista Jr. will be conducting this research with his advisor Assoc. Professor Jeffery Roesler.